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Error while connecting to Raisers Edge

When attempting to connect to the Raisers Edge system a user receives and error stating that the database version they are attempting to connect to is newer than expected and that another user may have upgraded the database.  At that point the application will either error out and close or bring up a screen to contact the system administrator.

 This error will happen on every client after there has been an upgrade complete to Raisers Edge system.  The ITS department does due diligence in making sure each user that uses the system  receives the upgrade in a timely manner, but infrequent users or users that have not been contacted yet may left unable to use the system.  Please contact the helpdesk and an ITS support staff person can connect to your machine and install the upgrade to bring your client up to date therefore making the client on your computer usable again.



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  • Aug 14, 2015
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