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Helpful Computer Tips

Helpful tips when using computers:

-Restart a computer before using it, or especially if it is behaving erratically.

-Save your files regularly and make multiple backups to your own media.

-Do not delete other peoples files from computers or the shared drive that do not belong to you. Students who do so may be subject to disciplinary action.

-Maintain your network home drive by cleaning it out regularly, especially when you're near your storage limit.

-Do not run your files directly from a network drive, CD, USB Drive, or any other external media. Copy them to the computer, work on them, and save the files back to your media. Otherwise the file may run slower, may crash the computer, and/or damage the storage device.

-Don't save all of your work to one storage device only. Any device can go bad, so take the extra time to burn important files to a CD or DVD just in case. -Respect all technical equipment.

-Make any reservations early, whether you are: -checking out equipment -reserving time slots in the Audio-Visual suites, -rendering your files through the Render-farm, -requesting services from the Imaging Center or Media Center

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