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Getting Started in Blackboard

Getting started in Blackboard

The Blackboard Portal System is an online community enviornment that unifies academics, commerce, communitites, and administrative services through one intergrated interface. Blackboard merges the interpesonal college learning experience with the online access of campus informaiton. Through Blackboard, CCS faculty use online courses to post syllabi, announcements, assignments, and course documents for studetns to access instantly, as well as encourage online interaction between students and faculty. In addition, CCS students may access these online courses, interact with faculty and other students, and search through CCS resources and information. To access Blackboard, go to through an internet browser. Click the "Login" button when you reach the web site, and log in using your user name and password (the same network login/password for Windows). You should see something similiar to the following screen. Towards the top of the screen are an array of tabs through which you may access different resources. (To logout of Blackboard, click the "Logout" icon around the top middle of the screen.) In general, the "My CCS" tab displays your main page, specifically a window on modules. One such permanent module is "My courses", which displays the courses you are enrolled in. Other than the permeanent modules, this area is largely customizable in that you can add new modules, remove modules you don't want, and rearrange modules using the "Contents" and "Layout" buttons, which are located near the top right corner. Other tabs include "Campus Services", "Academic Resources", etc., which give access to campus information, and are largely permanent rather then customizable. The other major screen you will get used to is the course web site. When you become enrolled in a couse, it will appear in the "My Courses" module on your "My CCS" tab, or in the "Courses" tab. When you click on the course link, you will be sent to the course site, which will more or less look similiar to the following screen, depending on how the instructor has customized it. The buttons along the left side access various areas of the couse, such as Announcements, Course information, Assignments, etc. which you can click to view the respective information. Typically the couse site will default to the Announcements page when you first enter, and in turn lists any updates or infomration that the instructor has posted. While there are numerous features in Blackboard that can be utilized, the course instructor maintains their individual sites and may add or disable various functions depending on the purpose of the course. This introduction to Blackboard is only meant to get you started, so feel free to navigate and become familiar with its options and resources. If you are enrolled in a course whose instructor will use Blackboard heavily , log in regularly so that you are always aware of course updates. In addition, use Blackboard habitually to access campus services and various academic resources electronically; you will save yourself some time!
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