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Saving Files on a CD/DVD on a Mac

Saving Files on a CD/DVD on a MAC

Place a blank DVD/CD in the drive.

A dialog box should pop up in which you can select the format.

If you click OK, a DVD/CD icon will then mount on the desktop like a folder, in which you can drag and copy the files you want to burn on it.

Drag the icon to the trash to burn your media. Alternatively, you may right-click (or, Ctrl-click) on the icon, and select "Burn disc..." from the pop-up menu.

However, we recommend using Toast Titanium, which is avaliable in the Dock's Application shortcut under "Misc. Apps" on every Mac.

IT gives you more options and control for burning your CDs and DVDs in numerous formats. Documents on how to burn your CDs and DVDs in Toast are avaliable at the Proctor Station.

Note: For class work, see your instructor about how to properly format your DVDs/CDs. While the internal optical drives can read most DVDs/CDs, they cannot write, or burn, to every optical disk format available. For burning, use 4.7 GB general-use (as opposted to "for authoring") 2x speed DVD-R disks, and use CD-R disks with a 4x or 8x speed. We do no recommend using DVD-RW, CD-RW, or other disks of either a specialized format or higher speed in the Macs because they may be incompatible with the internal drives, may not burn disks properly, or may damage the drives.



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