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Student Responsibilites in the Labs

Student Responsibilites in the Labs

*Questions about learning how to use various software applications to complete your course work should be directed to your instructors.

*You are soley responsible for backing up your own files. CCS is not responsible for any lost work. Remember that any files left on lab computers are publicly accessible to all CCS students and staff.

Also remember: -Lab proctors purge any files that are left on the computer on a weekly basis. Only proctors are authorized to delete files.

-Files may be deleted according to the discretion of the ITS department, due to illegal, corruptive, or otherwise detrimental activity.

-Files may be deleted from network or other drives (except your home drive) when disk space gets low. Signs will be posted notifying students when this will take place.



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  • Aug 14, 2015
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