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Cannot print in Colleague

The Datatel Report Viewer either does not display, or clicking on "Print Local" in the Report Viewer doesn't work.

If they are trying to send a report to "Hold" and the Report Viewer does not appear:

1. Find the file called datatel.ini on the c:\ drive. There may be several of them.
2. Open it using Notepad. Look for a line that starts with "RBA" and contains the user's login (userID) and "collive." If several files were found in step 1, you may have to look at each file until you find the one containing the correct userID. The line should look something like this:


3. The first number should be 1. If it is not, change it to 1 and save. May have to log out and back in to Datatel.

If the Report Viewer does appear but the option to "Print Local" does not result in a printout, they must use the option "Print Remote" and specify the Colleague printer name (xxxLSR).



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  • Aug 14, 2015
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